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Involvement of Cost in a Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery

Hair transplant and cosmetic surgery is a clinical process, through which individuals can achieve natural beauty and glow, but a myth that people believe is that hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries are expensive and luxuries methods that high-class people like models, actors and politicians can afford. Are you also among those who think the same about hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries? Then read out this article which will change your perception about hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries.

There are numbers of hospitals and clinics available in India that provide you hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries just to earn lots of money, but the services provided by them do not give you the assurance of having an effective hair transplant or cosmetic surgery. So it is important to select the best clinic who gives you result-oriented surgery with affordable cost & EMI availability.

How does a hair transplant cost?

The cost of hair transplant differs with different factors of the hair transplant, generally, it ranges from 40000 to 100000 INR. The factors affecting the cost of hair transplant include:

  • The area where the hair transplant is needed to be done.
  • The number of grafts needed to remove from the donor area.
  • The amount of thickness you are expecting after the hair transplant.
  • The method you are opting for hair transplant, that is either FUT or FUE.

How does cosmetic surgery cost?

The exact cost of surgical procedure is difficult to estimate, it depends on various factors like material costs, operating room costs, the overall health of the patients, follow-up consultation, etc. if we look at an average cosmetic surgery process cost ranges from 150000-200000 INR.
India is worldwide famous for having the best medications at an affordable cost, in research, it is seen that the cost of cosmetic surgery is 40 to 60 % lower as compared to other countries.
Along with this, there are several clinics available which provide EMI facility to the patients, through this easy EMI facility it is possible to have a plastic surgery and hair transplant at the desired time and need.

Let’s get deeper into how the EMI facility made it easier to have surgeries for individuals:

Easy EMI Availability:

EMI facility made hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries easy for individuals, Absolute Cosmetic Center provides easy EMI availability for anyone who desires to improve their looks and beauty, the EMI facility helps you in the following steps:

Flexible Payment Tenor

EMI facilities allow you the flexibility of paying the cost with easy tenor, you are allowed to choose your tenure and the time of repaying the payment according to your flexibility ranging between 3 to 24 months.

Makes the surgery easy going

As with the increasing market rates and inflation, cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants look quite high in terms of pricing and choosing to have one puts lots of burden upon the patients resulting in stress and tension throughout the surgery. EMI availability makes the surgeries affordable and you are free to pay the cost of hair transplant in easy installments within the chosen tenor.

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