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Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant

What is Facial Hair Transplant?

Facial hair transplant is a procedure by which the hair at chin and cheek area are restored. In these areas, losing hair can act as major depressant. Sometimes, the patient wants a fuller or thicker beard to boost their looks for professional reasons. Using this procedure, people can get the looks of their choice.

Who are the Best Candidates?

Any person who has lost the hair in the beard area due to any physical or medical reason can have a beard transplant. The person should have a good health at the time of surgery. Additionally, the expectations of the person should be realistic. The person must have sufficient donor areas on the side or the back of the head. These are general requirements to be eligible for the surgery.

What is the procedure?

Just like the normal hair transplant procedures, the back and sides of the head work as the donor area for the beard transplant. The surgeon examines the hair and chooses the donor area that has a perfect match for the beard transplant.
The procedure is performed using local anesthesia along with an oral sedative. Generally, the procedure is finished in 2 to 6 hours.
Transplanted hairs are permanent and grow just like other facial hair. Moreover, the transplanted hair can be shaved as well. The hairs are transplanted as one or two grafts according to the object of getting a natural look. Other considerable facts are the exact angle and direction. The recovery time of the surgery is fast and the patient can resume the normal activities after four or five days.

What are the benefits?

Beard transplant is useful in the following situations:

  • Makes the beard fuller or thicker.
  • Hides scars because of any trauma or surgical procedure.
  • Beneficial in loss of facial hair.
  • Beneficial for the people who have suffered from traction alopecia.
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