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Mesolipo For Face & Body Contouring

Mesolipo is a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure that reduces and reshapes specific undesired fats in your face and body. It uses medically formulated micro injections given into the mesoderm, or the layer which may help in ridding targeted areas of undesired bulges of fat.

This therapy works very well for both men and women in areas where diet and exercise have failed. It promises to melt away unwanted stubborn fats and flush it out naturally of your body system.

Mesolipo at Absolute Clinic:
  • Skin tightening through enhancement of collagen synthesis and increase in blood circulation.
  • Fat cell destruction via damage to cell membrane
  • Emulsification of released fat allowing it to be water soluble and thus, dissolved into our system
  • Liquefied dissolved fat is metabolized and then flushed out of our body’s natural excretory system
  • Release of fat from the destroyed fat cell

Thus, it blocks the cells at that area from storing fats while stimulating it to burn up the fats. The cocktail would synergistically breakdown existing fat cells, make it water soluble and tone the skin at the same time.

  • It dissolves excess fat deposits in just the right place
  • It helps you lose inches, decrease bulk and improve your body shape and contour
  • It improves the appearance of your skin with the reduction of cellulite
  • No downtime, You can immediately return to work and normal activities
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