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Body Firming & Toning

Body Firming

Want to lose fat from just one part of the body?
The perfect tummy, sleek arms, toned legs?
This treatment would then be ideal for you… using RF , we concentrate on just that one area that needs perfection.
Advanced world class Muscle Stimulator of different frequencies.
Diet Planning
Individualize Exercise planning
Muscle stimulators electrically exercised muscles it is in same way as it would work during voluntary exercise.

Body Toning With Fat Loss Laser Therapy:

Reducing excess fat from the body is not an easy task as it needs patience and strong willpower. Going on a diet and exercising can be of help but can’t offer instant results. For instant eradication of accumulated fat Berkowits offers latest technologies for body shaping & contouring treatments that can give the perfect inch loss to your body. Lose weight using the sophisticated technologies and avail considerable fat loss.

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